Does love exist

Love exists?

I am an Indian girl who grew up watching romantic Bollywood movies. For anyone who doesn’t know, they plant an unrealistic seed of love in every girl’s garden like a heart. Of course, what you grow up watching as a child starts to fascinate your ideas and world. I was no different. A simple, little stupid, and ready to love with my all type of girl.

I never actually knew or understood the concept of true love but back then, I believed to know it all about what it is to be in this beautiful feeling. I assumed I knew everything about how my Mr. perfect would be like. While I was never the one to go out in the forests in search of my true mate, I won’t deny that I did have a hidden hope in my heart to have found him. And so, I continued to focus on my life, like always, and proceed ahead to achieve my life’s goals.

However, during my journey, I encountered a couple of men who claimed to have loved me but let me inform you, each one of them was a fake. Every time I met one of these ‘so-called lover’ men, I thought that he is my perfect true love and yes, every time I gave my complete heart because I never knew how to love otherwise. But do you remember I just told you a few lines ago that I ASSUMED I knew what true love is but never, in reality, understood what it meant. And so my friends,  because I had a false image of love, it was so obvious that all the men that I was allowing in my life were also not true. Each man was like a robber who robbed something or the other from me. Falling in and out of a few relations made me at first question my own self, question if I lacked something, but never got those answers. Every guy had just one line as a farewell for me “it’s not you, it’s me, for you deserve something better and be free”.

Came a time I realized that all these romantic chic flics are nothing but an imaginary world. They just sell millions a dream and earn their bread, butter, and cream. As a consequence, I decided to kill the hope of finding my true love and also stop watching the romantic dramas and anything that sold me fake stuff. And yes, mind you – I wasn’t sad but thrilled with excitement. For, I found a new me that I had long lost forgotten. During these times I realized that if my heart had the capacity to love all the wrongs with such purity and strength, what would it be like to love my own self, so much and immense.

With no plans in mind, I just continued to move forward in life but something was different this time and yes, it was my smile. I felt happy like never before because this time, all the love that I had been distributing across was actually being used to water my own soul and my heart. It was at this moment that I never felt I needed anyone. I was happy, I was joyous and was successful in every field of life.

And this my friends, you could think is the ending of my tale. But no, not there because there is a twist, and here comes another male. I wasn’t expecting any relationship – neither promises nor riding with anyone on white horses. To my surprise, this was the time when fate introduced me to the man of my dreams. He, who made me believe in love all over again and forget any hidden sorrow and pain. Being with him made me feel a sense of calmness, peace, and content and this was the moment I realized that true love is not just all those butterflies but has a much deeper feeling. It comes to you when you are delighted from within because if you are not happy with yourself, how could you share that joy with that someone else?  Forget the dreams and stories that money makers sell you – there is a reason why human loves fiction, and they make that fiction true. Reality is much colorful, vivid, and alive, all we need is just to open our arms to what life has to offer, and I must say, open them wide. This man-made me feel like I was his princess and no, he didn’t call me his girlfriend/ love or mate. For him, I was his family.

This is when it struck me that love isn’t to be bounded in those fancy worldly terms. It can be much more than that and can make you feel at home. Safe, secure, and yet exciting and a dream-like feeling – I got to experience true love and I still am so happy, because I know I am not dreaming. Being with this man, I forgot how it is to shed a tear. Every time I felt sad, he was near. To calm me, to comfort me and my friends this is when I realized – it was wrong to kill the hope but utmost necessary to apart me from the fake stories. For if not, how could have I found my own self and then eventually him?

I understood that the foremost rule of finding love was to shower your own self with immense love so that when someone comes, you don’t look up to him or her with the hope of filling you up as you are already full. You would be the source of happiness and instead of extracting something from him, you both would rather share a beautiful relation.

Through this short story of mine, I just want to share my experience with anyone who feels that they have lost their path and have given up. Girls and boys, men and women – this is a message – a reminder to all of you to remember to love yourself and that will follow you whatsoever is true.

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  1. I am totally agree with you and your words. I have said always that comedy romantic films that it tried to show the mean of love… It is bad for yourself because that kind of love doens exist and you grown in your life seeing this kind of love. I am also agree with you when you say that you need to love yourself first and second you will happy with someone else… I think loves means that when you are with someone, the life has different light…

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