Although I wrote this short message in 2019; the thoughts were scratching my head over many years. Given how important it is to reiterate this simple formula in our daily life, I decided to share it on my blog and pass it on to as many as possible. So here it goes (my post of 2019):
‘Just giving a thought on the problem of the high population in our country (India). In my opinion, the below formula somehow makes a lot of sense to me:

High population => poverty + high competition => depression + lack of resources => corruption + crime

Guess what, it’s not just the uneducated responsible for reproducing at such a huge rate and increase our population to 1.3 billion. Our intelligent and very well learned society’s mindset contributes to a large extent – rural or urban, doesn’t matter.

Ever wondered why people say that there is an age to get married? The real hidden or known reason is the reproductive clock is ticking and ticking. Most of the people (can’t share a figure but maybe 80%, idk but a lot I know?) care less about values like <<getting married for companionship, love, no age bar, etc.>>These seem so useless to many in today’s age still. sadly!! What’s imperative to them is – getting married at the right age. Why? “to Reproduce”. Why? “our family name should be carried forward”.. Now I ask another Why? Are we still living in the era of kingdoms or maharajas where we must build a clan or spread a religion? Don’t you think it’s high time to change the way we look at things and plan our lives?

The entire idea of getting married is more than just having children. It is about sharing your life with someone. Sharing your dreams with someone who understands you and loves you without the superficial materialistic layer. It doesn’t really matter if you meet your better half at the age of 25, 35, 65 or don’t wish to get married at all. It is just perfectly fine. Getting married is a milestone of your life but not a job application that comes with a cut-off limit of 30 years as if you will never be able to apply for it once the age limit is crossed. Relax, be stress-free, take a breath – look around, enjoy simple things in life, and get married when you wish to, when you have found someone – not by force.

Getting married only with the aim of reproduction and forcing our generation and feeding it in their minds too is literally calling for the same never-ending future of the formula

High population => poverty + high competition => depression + lack of resources => corruption + crime

I, with no means, wish to offend anyone but it’s my perspective which I’ve shared with you all here. Feel free to comment down below and share your thoughts

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