The Sun of life

Sun – the centre of the solar system around which every planet revolves. Everybody is well aware of Sun’s significance and how it shines and brightens up lives.

Ever wondered what’s that one factor that brings light and shine to your life? Continue reading and you may be able to discover the true source of happiness and light in your life, your world.

Just like how all planets revolve around the Sun, the relationships in your life revolve around you. Isn’t it? Your friends, your colleagues, teachers, cousins, relatives, siblings, parents, etc. – these all are ‘YOUR’ relations which revolve around you in the story of your life. When I say this, I don’t mean that these wonderful people that you are related to will cease to exist without you. No – no way! But, what I do mean is that everybody around you will continue to ‘be’ even if you don’t exist but they will no longer be ‘your’ anything.  Every relation that you have in your life is connected to you because you exist.

Now, I know that this is so basic and we all understand this already but I have written this down only to reiterate and remind you that YOU are the Sun of your life. Thus, before you make any decision in your life, before taking any step that has altering effects, it is imperative to question yourself first – ‘am I happy?’ and then decide accordingly. For you are the sole and true source of happiness in your life.

I know and completely understand that many times we are bound to take unwilling steps due to certain circumstances; however, if you do have the opportunity to make a choice and stand up for yourself and you stop just to make someone else happy or are simply afraid of the consequences, then follow the ‘PRTA’. Pause. Rewind. Think. Act. Pause, rewind your life, think on how important you are too and then take the action.

Yes, we should think of people we love but isn’t our responsibility to love ourselves too? Who will nurture and love us if we ourselves won’t value our own worth? Please remember, YOU are the SUN of your life’s system. If this Sun loses its fire and diminishes its own light, how will it be able to brighten those around it? How will people be able to depend on a Sun that has lost its own shine? How will it share the warmth if it has lost its own spark?

People are often very hard on themselves. Please don’t be. You are special and you are important – perhaps more than anyone else in your life. So, please and please – don’t feel bad for thinking about your happiness. Don’t feel bad for detaching from something that hurts you. Don’t feel bad for making a choice that didn’t content you. Yes, you may have made some wrong decisions or you may, but at least it won’t be at the cost of your inner peace, will it? You deserve to be happy. You deserve to smile.

But, I will end this message with a small request – try to not to harm people in the name of self-satisfaction because that is no excuse. We are all blessed with a conscious and if you deliberately harm someone and label it as an act of ‘self-contentment’ and if you do, you won’t feel that true happiness from within any way. So try to lead a happy life by making the right choices and at the same time and create a wonderful world around you – not just for yourself but for the ones around you. For if you are not happy, is it really worth it?

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  1. A beautiful message that I read after waking up….thank for sharing it with me 😘

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