Guide Student Visa form Auxiliares de Conversacion India

Guide to fill the Student Visa (Auxiliar de Conversación – Indians)

Following is the link to download the visa form along with other relevant information:

‘Download the Visa Form Here’

1: Surname : Last name as per the passport

2: 2nd surname (blank for many): When last name is different from the one issued at birth

3: First name : (First name + middle name if any)

4: Date of Birth-  dd-mm-yyyy

5: Place of Birth- City

6: Country of birth

7: Nationality

8: Sex

9: Marital status

10: to be filled only for minors (blank in our case)

11: Blank

12: Type of travel document- Ordinary passport

13: Number of travel document – Passport number

14: Date of issue – when was the passport issued

15: Valid until – expiration date of the passport

16: Issued by – Govt. of India

17: Postal and email address – both in the same box

        Telephone number

18: Residence in country other than that of current nationality – No

19: Current profession – Student/ Teacher/ Freelancer/ Not working/ etc.

20: Principal purpose of journey- Studies

21: Date of intended entry in Spain – put the date as per the arrival date of the ticket you have planned to buy

22: Number of entries requested – more than two

23: Postal address of applicant in Spain – your school’s address mentioned in carta de nombramiento

24: Spanish Foreign National Identity Number – Blank

25: Date of notification of decision issued by competent body for non-nationals – Blank

26: Data of individual resident in case of application for residence visa for family reunion – Blank

27: Data of employer or company in the case of application for residence and employment visa – Blank

28: Data of educational establishment or research centre in case of applying for student or research visa –

Name of educational establishment-  your school’s name

Postal address of educational establishment- your school address

Telephone of educational establishment – your school’s telephone number

Email of the educational establishment-  your school’s email address

Intended starting date of the research – 1st October 2021 (depending on the year)

Intended finishing date of the research – 31st May 2022 (depending on the year)

Leave the remaining blocks in blank

Fill the last two blocks : Place and date and the Signature

Note: If you have been assigned two schools then put address and name of both the schools wherever required in the form.

Congratulations!! You have just filled your visa form to come to Spain 😀

Note: This page is an extract from the guide I wrote for all the chosen and aspiring Indian Auxiliares coming to Spain. The book ‘AUXILIAR DE CONVERSACIÓN – THE ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR INDIANS’ is a detailed guide that contains all the sample forms filled and also tips on packing, what to bring, what to expect and how to manage in Spain. Written to help Indians coming to Spain through the language exchange program. Click here to get it.

Written by one of the first few Indians to be appointed through this process, the objective of this book is to make the upcoming Indian language assistant confident and well prepared before their arrival in the foreign land. It includes detailed and step by step explanation from the initial point of the application process till the very last step of visiting the school face to face.

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2 thoughts on “Guide to fill the Student Visa (Auxiliar de Conversación – Indians)

    1. Hi Sunny,

      Visa process differs for each type of visa. The steps mentioned here are specific for the Student visa (type D) appointed for the auxiliar de conversacion / language assistant program.

      Visa process: identify the type of visa you need (tourist/ business/ study/ family/ spouse etc.), duration, and accordingly contact BLS or Embassy

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