Before we start off with the process, ensure that:

  1. you have your TIE card handy
  2. have the ‘Cl@ve Pin’ app downloaded in your mobile, as this is where you would receive the pin to login (available on playstore at
  3. as we need to connect with an operator through a video call, it is advisable to start the process during the operative hours, i.e. Mon-Fri from 09:00 – 14:00 hrs

Below is the step by the step process to obtain your ‘Certificado de delitos de naturaleza sexual’ by video call. It seems tricky but is relatively easy and quick. So, let’s start with the process now.

Step 1: Click on
This is where we register ourselves for the Clave (key) that is the first step to obtain the certificate

Step 2: Scroll down and click on the orange link that says ‘Solicita la carta invitación’

Note: although the link mentions ‘requesting a letter’, we would register ourselves on a video call but not through a physical letter as video call is a quick and simple process. Please ensure to follow this process during the working hours. (9:00 – 14:00 from Mon – Fri)

Register in clave - Certificado Delitos Sexual

Step 3: Click on  ‘Registrarse en Cl@ve’

Register yourself in clave

Step 4: Enter your NIE

Step 5: Enter your ES number (mentioned on top right corner of your TIE card mentioned under Estudiante. Generally a 9 alpha numeric number beginning with an alphabet such as ‘E’ followed by 8 numbers)

Step 6:   Click on ‘También puede registrarse por videollamada’

Certificado Delitos De Naturaleza Sexual through video call

Step 7:  Click on ‘Continuar’

Certificado Delitos De Naturaleza Sexual

Step 8: The next page tells you about the approx. wait time. Click on ‘Acceder a la videollamada’. 

Video call connect

Step 9: The next page will redirect you to ‘Zoom’ connection page. You can join the call through the app or web browser where in you just need to enter your name and confirm that you are not a robot and you would be able to connect to the Zoom call.

Step 10: Now once you are connected, the personnel on the other line would introduce his name and code. His camera would not be connected but yours need to be, as you would be required to show your face and your ID card.

Step 11: The connected operator would  introduce his/her name and ID and will ask you for your details (NIE, name, Email address and phone number) during the registration process and once all is done, you would receive the following:

  • An SMS from ‘AEAT’ with a 16 digit code
  • An email with the steps to get your clave permanente

We need none of those at the moment as the employee you were connected to has registered you on the system.

Step 12: Now you need to click on the link shared by the ‘Junta’ in the email. Here I’ve shared it below too:

Step 13: Click on the link next to the green tick that says ‘Comprobación Requisitos Técnicos de Aplicaciones’

Check system requirements

Step 14: If your system meets the configuration required the proceed further, the next page will give you all the green ticks and now you can click on ‘Realizar el tramite’

Verify system requirements

Step 15:  Click on ‘Access’ in the second box, i.e. Access PIN 24 H

Download the clave app

Step 16: Introduce your NIE

Step 17: Introduce your Número de soporte (the 9 digit alpha numeric number mentioned under ‘Estudiante’ on your TIE)

Step 18: Click on ‘Continuar’ and ‘Aceptar’ on the pop up message

Step 19: Before you click anywhere else, download the ‘Cl@vae PIN’ app by scanning the barcode that has appeared on the screen

Get the clave pin

Step 20: Click on ‘Obtener Pin’

Step 21: You would receive a 3 letter code on the Cl@ve app downloaded on your phone. Mention the received pin and click on ‘Acceder’

Validate the clave pin

Step 22: Next up, you would be taken to the 1st section of the form, i.e. Rellenar datos el solicitante. It has two parts ‘Datos personales’ and ‘Datos de contacto’
The first part, i.e. ‘Datos personales’ would be filled up already. You just need to mention

  • your phone number with the country code, ex. +34 123456789
  • your email address (optional)
Personal data update

Step 23: The 2nd section of the page is Confirmar Datos. Under ‘Finaldad’ part, select ‘Trabajo y/o contacto habitual con menores’


Step 24: The 3rd section is the ‘Resultado’ page. In most of the cases, the certificate is generated instantly. Simply click on ‘Acceder a descarga del certificado’ and here you have the PDF version of your certificate.

get the digital Certificado Delitos De Naturaleza Sexual

In rare cases where the certificate is not generated instantly, a notification with the verification code is sent on the mobile when it is available to be downloaded. 

Hope this helps 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Steps to get Certificado de Delitos De Naturaleza Sexual through video call

  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have shared this with SOOO many people — you’re a rockstar 💖

  2. I cannot get through the process. It says access is denied for this NIE. What does it mean?

    1. Depends – one of the most common reasons is NIE renewal. If your NIE is expired and the new one is in process then receiving this error is quite common. Try contacting the helpline and if that doesn’t work, visiting the extranjeria will sort the matter out.

    2. Try deleting the cookies and restarting your browser. I had the same problem and this fixed it. Alternatively, try using a different browser if you can’t get it to work.

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