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Why Me, Always?

Ever found yourself getting stuck in a similar situation over and over again in life? Could be something that may seem completely out of your control, like meeting the wrong person in the relationship every time, not being able to crack that promotion interview every time you apply for it no matter how hard you try, being back-stabbed by friends always, etc. Something that perhaps is unmanageable and every such occurrence makes you wonder ‘why does this always happen to me?’

I am no different as I too have witnessed such episodes several times. And, there are so many in my circle who experience similar events and ask the same question ‘why me again?’

But you know what? If we give a deep thought, we often get answers to many things that happen to us or happen around us. And if we dig a little deeper into the series of events that occur in our life, we might just be able to relate to situations from a larger or a different perspective and ultimately find one of the most probable answers to the emerging question ‘why me’.

In a way, our life is still like a school. Every day brings a new chapter, teachers appear in the form of people we interact with, we still need to focus on different areas (subjects) in our daily life and yeah, the exams have just got a bit more practical than theoretical.

When I think of school days, I still remember how we had to learn and understand the concepts of the topics taught to be able to be promoted to the next class/ grade/ level. The ones who weren’t good at a subject failed the test. And if their repeated attempts failed, they were made to repeat the entire year and appear for the examination again.  Do you remember those days?

Nothing much has changed between then and now. Life has been and shall continue to be one of our most interesting and difficult subjects and the most honest teacher simultaneously.  Whenever we encounter a situation or meet a person, it becomes an opportunity (class) for us to learn something from it. Be it a positive study or feedback, there is always something to take away as learning from a situation or a person.  

And when the lesson is a tricky one (just like that of mathematics), many fail to learn from it at the first attempt. Which is why, just like in school, we are made to repeat the level all over again and go through the situation repeatedly unless we finally understand the lesson that life has been trying to teach us. As said earlier, the exams have just become more practical and difficult. Everything keeps happening again and again unless we learn our bit from it. But once cleared, these are the learnings that help us achieve heights in our life.

As an example, you might be someone who bumps into the wrong person in the relationship every time. Maybe, it’s just life’s way of teaching you to step back and look at the situation from an impersonal view. Maybe, it’s just life’s reminder to change your priorities and put yourself first on the list? Or maybe it is something that you need to step back and learn and clear this test of life to be promoted to the next level. Isn’t it?

‘LIFE’ itself is a beautiful journey and a guide on whom we can trust undoubtedly. This one simple act of learning what ‘life’ is guiding us through might just help in our reformation.  

Do you agree?

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One thought on “Why Me, Always?

  1. correct! this blog is very much close to everyday’s life and a message to learn how to come out of unwanted situations of life. We should learn and change ourselves indeed! Thanks a lot for such a motivational article.

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