How to be free of addiction

Addiction – be free, let it go

Is there anything that you feel is not good for you, but just cannot seem to let it go off? Struggling to be free from a bad habit or maybe an addiction? Take a minute, look around, and analyze your lifestyle a little. I don’t blame you. Tea, coffee, internet, alcohol, TV, cigarette, a toxic relationship, etc. The list is endless. Our bodies and minds are surrounded by so many luring substances that make it terribly hard for us to detach ourselves from them.

I too, just like any other, have had my own share of addictions. One of my most irritating habits was to keep re-checking my email after every half hour to see if I had received anything new. And nope – this had no relation to my work.

I am sure that just like this annoying little habit of mine, a lot of us might be struggling to fee ourselves from things that impact our lives negatively. Some at a small and yet others at a large level. Some might be feeling that the damage caused by their addiction is way too much or it’s just too late to be a cure or go back to addiction-free lives now.

Adding on, this recent pandemic and the lockdown that we all went to was quite difficult for many – emotionally and mentally which made many of us even more vulnerable than before. On one hand, this virus acted as a bane for humanity. While on the other, it surprisingly resulted to be a boon for our mother Earth. Whilst all of us were forced to remain locked down in our houses, this tiny little virus miraculously cured the Earth in a way we could never have imagined.  

During all these years, mankind hasn’t been too kind to the environment, has it? The years of damage caused to the gentle earth seemed just irreversible and just like how we feel with our addiction, it seemed that it was too late to cure Earth from what all it has suffered because of humans. But guess what? The change started to happen. With just a few days of humans confinement, some huge positive changes were witnessed in nature all over the world. Although there is still a long way to go, a little ray of hope was observed.

Example – a significant reduction in transport caused large falls on air pollution. Speaking of China, a 25% reduction in carbon emission was observed. A drop in NO2 is witnessed which has a direct relation with the healing of the ozone layer. (source). And of course, there are many other short-term benefits for the environment. A bit of good news in these times, right?

While I was going through the list of such positive impacts on nature by just keeping the human beings locked down for some time, I realized that following this approach for humans by humans might work wonders too. By this, I mean that human bodies are a form of nature as our bodies also include similar elements found in the environment. After all, we too are a compact form of the universe within and the damage of addiction that we are suffering is nothing external but caused by internal factors within our mind. Isn’t it?

What if we try the technique of locking our own minds down for just a few days and see how the result comes out to be? We know well what is it that we want to get rid of and deep down inside, we also know the way to do this. It is just our will that we at the end bow down to and continue to be slaves of our desires or habits.

What if we try taming our mind and locking it down and treat it like the way the police did when someone tried to get out of the house? What if every time our mind wants to go back to something harmful or wants us to follow the same negative pattern, we become our own policemen, and instead of listening to its orders, we confine it inside.

Yes, it will be difficult in the beginning but just imagine, if such a huge planet like Earth can show signs of healing of the scars given by billions of people all across, what a grand positive impact this can have on us. The initial days controlling and going against our will might be very difficult, but detoxification isn’t a very difficult task. All it needs is a little effort from us and everything comes together to help you achieve your goal.

It will take 21 days of struggle to keep the mind in control, following which it would become a lot easier from the 4th week onwards. You will notice that you are almost addiction-free after 2 months.  

I tried this for my annoying habit of rechecking the emails and I got the result. If you are struggling to get rid of a negative habit or addiction in your life, try following this pattern. You shall see your body showing positive changes and your mind following your voice instead of the other way around.

Let us be our own police for 21 days to start with– by us, for us, and of us.

If you followed this or if you find this useful, let us know in the comments and share your story. It might motivate someone in a way you don’t know 😊

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One thought on “Addiction – be free, let it go

  1. I agree! I have been trying to get rid of the phone addiction for sometime.. it’s seems impossible.. nevertheless.. I believe in never stop trying.
    Will try the 21 days schedule to see the results 🙂

    Good article dear!

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