On your 25 Birthday

For your 25th Birthday

25th Birthday! The realization of being an adult must have just struck. Suddenly must have started feeling responsible and at the same time, unsure of where life is heading? Here are some important things you must know before you turn 25.

You might feel that it is great to turn 25 and now you need to be even more responsible regarding life and duties. You might feel that the time just flew, and you didn’t even realize. It was just yesterday when you graduated, but here you are celebrating your 25th birthday. Feeling like a silver jubilee of life.

First things first. Pat your back for making it successfully till here – as life is not easy for anyone. No matter how old- everybody has its own struggles

Enjoy the day to the fullest – we do not turn 25 – the silver jubilee moment, everyday – do we? Spend the day doing the things that YOU love the most – not what others think is cool. Remember, it is your success, isn’t it?

Soon a sense of feeling old will strike your mind – take my advice – ignore it. You know why? Because you will never be this young (be it any day) tomorrow. Worry not! Nothing has really changed in terms of age. You are still the old you, still the old happy memories and past experiences. Remember to learn from mistakes – yours and others’, so any precious moment of life is not wasted on repeating it.

It is true – concept like calendars, dates, clocks – these are all man made. Yet, it is true that our cells in the body age with time. But not all the people age at the same age. You get me? It is simple – live life like you are at heart. No need to impress anyone – you are the sun of your solar system. Stay stress free and from this moment, remember to love yourself the most. Don’t ignore your family or friends or colleagues – but do remember that nobody can take your care better than you. So, love yourself.

Remember that this is YOUR journey and YOU get to decide the pace. No need for comparison with anyone else. No matter how old or young one is, how happy or sad one may seem, the journey of two people is never the same. Look around and you will realize what I mean. Even 2 siblings who share the same parents and house do not have the same personality and life. Then how can comparing our progress with someone known/ unknown can do any good for us? Create your own path – it is your journey, your life and the book of your life shall be the original version of your choices, not a copied one 😉

If you make any errors during this beautiful journey called life, do not be harsh on yourself. It won’t matter 5 years down life as nothing is permanent. Do the things that you have waited for and save for rainy days. Lead life with a balance of heart and mind.

You will again feel a similar phase after 5 years – when you will be about to turn 30. But guess what, the advice will still be the same.

If we will continue to measure our age with human-made calendars, we will end up feeling that ‘OMG, life is passing by’, just ignore the mathematics on these days and celebrate your life!

Happy 25th Birthday 🙂 <3 🙂

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