Indian spices in Spanish supermarkets

Indian Spices commonly found in Spain and their prices

Congratulations Auxes!!!

If you are reading this, then I assume that you are an Aux packing his/ her bags to move to Spain OR you might be an aspiring aux. In any case, the below post would help you decide which Indian products/ spices to bring along and know how the kitchen expenses are in Spain.

I have made a list of common spices and food items used in an Indian kitchen that are easily available in Spanish supermarkets as well. Of course, we can’t find them all, but there are a few ingredients that can be found easily here.

Please note: These are ingredients found in common Spanish supermarkets and not the special Indian grocery stores. If you need to order Indian items like good wheat/atta or masalas etc., they can be ordered online through various websites such as or etc.

Since products in Spain are not sold as per MRP, every supermarket and brand also has its own cost. This is why I am sharing with you all the list of common kitchen spices and items that are easily available here in major markets in Spain along with the different prices and my suggestions on their quality (at the end of the post). There are also suggestions at the end of the post.

For the ones new to the Spanish language, I have also included the translation of these products 😊

Note: (i) The decimal separator in Euros is (,) and not (.). This means when we see 1,86 Eur, it means 1 euro and 86 cents.
(ii) Some products are available in one supermarket and not another. Therefore, you will see some products marked as NA for some markets.
(iii) The details shared are taken from 3 big supermarkets: Carrefour, Mercadona and Alcampo. However, Aldi, Consum and Lidl are also equally famous and good in quality that is not listed in this post.
(iii) These prices are not constant and are subject to change. They depend on the brand you go for and are also time dependent. The prices listed below are for the cheapest available products in the relevant markets.

Product (English/Hindi/Spanish)CarrefourCarrefourMercadonaMercadonaAlcampoAlcampo
Turmeric powder/ Haldi/ Curcuma0,86 € 45 g1,15 €60 g1,31 €45 g
Ginger powder/ Adrak / Jengibre molido1,52 €35 g1,10 €49 g1,09 €36 g
Garlic powder/ Adrak/ Ajo molido0,44 55 g0,67 €85 g0,41 €57 g
Red chilli powder/ Laal mirch/ Cayena molida1,46 €  40 g1,15 €55 g1,28 €40 g
Cumin seeds/ Jeera/ Comino en grano0,49 €45 g0,80 €56 g0,7936 g
Cumin powder/ Jeera powder/ Comino molido2,69 €  35 g0,63 €58 g0,49 €45 g
Coriander leaves/ Dhaniya / Cilantro cortado1,15 €20 g1,15 €20 g1,38 €28 g
Coriander seeds/ Dhaniya seeds/ Cilantro en semillasNANANANA1,37 €26 g
Coriander powder/ Dhaniya powder/ Cilantro frascoNANANANA0,99 €38 g
Himalyan Salt/ Sal Himalaya1,99 €130 g1,70 €250 g1,76 €200 g
Tomato puree/ Tomate Tamizado0,72 €400 g0,70 €390 g0,67800 g
Clove/ Long/ Clavo entero2,79 €20 g1,10 €42 g1,0931 g
Toor daal/ Lenteja peladaNANA1,75 €500 gNANA
Kidney beans/ Rajma/ Alubia roja OR Alubia canela OR Alubia pinta (different variety)1,90 €1 Kg1,30 €500 g0,94 €500 g
Lobia/ Alubia blanca1,55 €  1 Kg1,55 €1 Kg0,84 €500 g
Masoor daal/ Lenteja Roja1,75 €500 gNANA1,54 €500 g
Basmati rice/ Arroz Basmati2,99 €1 Kg2,10 €1 Kg1,09 €500 g
Cinnamon powder/ Dalchini powder/ Canela molida0,39 €40 g0,51 €52 g1,28 €40 g
Cinnamon sticks/ Dalchini / Canela en ramaNANA1,20 €18 g1,19 €18 g
Bay leaf/ Tej patta/ Hoja de Laurel0,54 €10 g0,66 €12 g0,52 €10 g
Saffron/ Kesar/ Azafran1,55 €0.4 g1,50 €0.38 g1,49 €0.4 g
Garam masala/ Garam masala1,59 €47 gNANA1,40 €47 g
Kheer / Arroz con leche0,93 €140 g0,95 €115 g1,09 €240  g
Semolina/ Suji/ Sémola de trigo0,82 €500 g0,82 €500 g0,55 €250 g
Ginger (Raw) / Jengibre0,60 €100 g1,30 €200 g1,69150 g
Garlic (Raw)/ Ajo1,45 €250 g1,45 €250 g1,79250 g
Dry red chilli leaves/ Cayena guindillas0,54 €15 g0,95 €27 g0,94 €17 g
Chickpeas flour/ Besan/ Harina de Garbanzo1,20 €500 g1,20 €500 g1,23 €400 g


– Products sold at Mercadona (of the brand Hacendado) are usually the best in quality and in price. Recommended above all the supermarkets. Although Carrefour has a lot of variety, Mercadona ranks best in quality.

– Dairy sweet products are best from Lidl

– There are many products that are also sold cut and frozen and come in very handy. For example Frozen garlic, frozen onions, frozen rice with vegetables etc.

– For women’s sanitary products: Brand as good/ better than Whisper = Evax

I hope this helps you in managing your travel and stay easily.

Let me know about your feedback in the comments below. Also, feel free to share your suggestions or questions 🙂

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