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When I was in India, I used to get many cashbacks with my credit card; however, Spain works a little different. Cashback and discounts provided by Spanish banks are something we can only dream of. However, I recently joined this virtual Spanish bank that charges no commissions, gave me referral money to join and gives cashback in many supermarkets like (Aldi, mercadona) shops (like Sephora, Zara), Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, etc.

This is why I am sharing this with you all today so that you can benefit from the way I am saving whatever is possible

I use it every day and get cashback money which you can save/use or you can also use it for investments (risk-free 😀 )

Why am I suggesting you this option?


 – Opening an account is simple and fast (I opened mine in 5 minutes by verifying the details with my passport). It may take some time for some random cases, but normally it is super fast and can be done in the comfort of our homes.

– Free for all, no commissions to join

– I get discounts, so why don’t you benefit from it too?

– Cashbacks that are credited instantly in money
– No minimum balance to maintain
– Withdrawals from ATM is free of charge for anything above 50€

– This is a virtual account, so no hassle of visiting the bank
– Since it provides a Spanish (ES) bank account number, the auxiliar/ language assistant stipend can be credited here every month easily
– You get a referral bonus in euros if you join with my link

– You can use both the options: a) virtual card and pay like Samsung/Apple/ Google pay

And b) You can get the physical card delivered as well. (a+b both together) – What more? You get the referral joining money of up to 20 € + 1 month of super deals if you join with my referral link:
– There chat customer service is really cool 😉
– 3 months of free Prime membership
– Pay in 157 local currencies at the real-time exchange rate

Note: The referral money is credited after you spend 20€, i.e. once you use your card for 20 € in total, which doesn’t have to be in one go and can be in different values (1 €/ 2€ or 10,€ etc.). The idea is that you have to use your card for purchases worth 20€ to get the referral money benefit, which I think is logical 🙂

Important note: You have 90 days to spend 20€ and earn the referral bonus money. Scroll at the end of the page to know how to redeem your reward money (cashback + referral amount earned)


– It is not a physical bank so adding cash is not an option; however, transfers within banks and SEPA works fine
– We can’t transfer money here from the Indian bank account

Now, how do you get this? With 3 simple steps – and that is:

Step 1: make sure that you have access to google play or apple store with an email ID created in Spain (in order to get access to apps made for the European region)

Step 2: Download the app with this link: (Note, you need to follow this link to download the app to be able to enjoy referral benefits)

and lastly, Step 3: Verify your details. That’s it. Spend and save 🙂

How to redeem your cashback and referral money, i.e. the rewarded money? It’s quite simple. Vivid gives us different pockets – one for top-up (where we can add money for expenditure) and, the other for stock rewards (where all our cashback and rewards money gets collected). Of course, you have the option to customize and add more pockets and link your virtual/ physical card to any of the pockets you like.

The beauty of the Vivid account is that all the rewarded cashback and referral money first goes into the stock reward pocket. Here, you have the option to select any stock to invest your earned cashback on with no risk. When I say no risk, I mean that if the company you choose to invest in is giving profit, you will earn that profit. But, if it goes in loss, you won’t lose any money but won’t even earn anything extra. Which is fair, right?

For example: If I earned 20€ with the referral link, that will go straight to the stock reward pocket. Now, I choose to invest in ‘Apple’ let’s say. If Apple’s stock is going in profit of 50%, my cashback value will increase from 20€ to 30€. If it goes in loss of -50%, my cashback remains 20 € and I don’t lose anything. Cool, isn’t it?

If you don’t wish to play with the stocks, that’s ok. All you need is to scroll to the end of the page of this stock rewards pocket. Now just, click on redeem. This option will transfer all your cashback to the main pocket and you can use them as your own money 🙂

Let me know if this was helpful. Do leave your comment below if you want to know more or have any other doubts that I can help you with 😊

Wishing you a cool stay in Spain – remember to enjoy to the fullest 😊

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