Spain India Differences and Similarities

Spain – India: Differences and Similarities

Spain and India are amongst the oldest countries in the world. Both are unique and rich in culture. Belonging to different continents, they have various differences and share some similarities as well.

When I moved to Spain, I expected to feel alien as I was about to live in a foreign land with no overlap with the Indian culture. However, I felt lucky to have spotted a few similarities amongst the two diverse worlds that helped me feel at home. For example, family is a priority in both cultures, tasty food is a key element in both the lands ;). Talking of food, are you a kheer lover by chance? If yes, it would surprise you to know arroz con leche is a famous Spanish sweet which is nothing else but kheer. Also, the old famous Indian chikki is similar to the Spanish Turrón.

There are certain words that are similar in both languages. For example: Pantalon/ Patloon (pants in hindi), Dos/ Do (two in Hindi), Camisa/ Kameez (Shirt in Hindi) etc. Just like Spanish, Hindi too has a formal way of addressing people, i.e. Usted/ Aap (formal you in Hindi).

Sharing with you all one of my presentations to visually compare differences and discover similarities amongst the two varying worlds.

Please note:
To use the presentation in the class you need to click on the 3 dots next to the slide’s page number located below the presentation and click on ‘Enter Full Screen’.
You can also click on the ‘Open speaker notes’ option under the 3 dots below the presentation. You can also refer to the speaking material for each slide.

Please share your thoughts by commenting below. Also, feel free to suggest any difference or similarity that you might have observed 🙂

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