Impact of European Industrialization on India

De-industrialization in India

During my cultural ambassador days in Spain, one of the history teachers asked me to shed light on de-industrialization in India. I liked the thought and instantly started putting my head to studying and researching. My idea was to share what happened in India when industrialization was on the rise in Europe.

It was during these classes that I got to study and explore a lot about India, prepare presentations on what I learned and share it further with the Spanish students.

Then, clicked the idea – to share the truth and let some facts be the eye-opener. Such as, India was one of the richest countries pre-British rule; and how the British flourished and advanced in their country by extracting the wealth from our nation.

This presentation focuses on sharing how European Industrialization was the time of Indian De-industrialization. India lost its power as one of the largest exporters of cotton cloth at this time and ended up being the exporter of just the raw material, i.e. cotton.

Another impact was famine, caused due to forced production of cotton instead of grains and food. It is indeed heartbreaking and I loved to share the unspoken with the students.

Here, you can find the presentation with the main speaking points below on de-industrialization in India. (If you want ideas to speak, this link can be used as a reference for an in-depth explanation) :

Feel free to connect or share your thoughts in the comment section below. It is always nice to connect with you’ll and exchange ideas.

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