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How To Pay for TASA or fee online instantly

My last post describing the method to pay the TASA at an ATM has been the most clicked post so far. This post takes a step further and describes how to pay for your Spanish TASA, or fee, online instantly. Continue reading to know more.

If you reside in Spain then you would be aware of the regular TASA and charges that must be paid for almost every paperwork. Applying or renewing the TIE, paying the yearly water meter charge, or applying for a visitor’s visa, and many such processes require us to pay a TASA (fee). Imagine having the convenience of paying the TASA in the comfort of your home online instantly by just clicking a few clicks, instead of the traditional method of visiting a bank physically after making an appointment.

Paying for TASA / Fee online instantly is pretty simple and straightforward, and I am here to help you with every step of it. So, let’s get started.

1st step: Go to any of these banks’s websites – Caixa, Sabadell or Santander. You don’t need to have an account with these banks. All you need is a bank card (can be any bank) to make the payment. As an example, I have taken Caixabank’s website for reference.

2nd step: If you are at Caixabank’s homepage, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Donativos y pagos‘ listed under ‘Servicios‘.

Pay for TASA online

3rd step: Upon clicking the previous link, a new page with multiple paying options will appear. Here, you need to scroll down just a little and click on ‘Pagos’, which literally translates to payments.

Payments made online for TASA

4th step: You will see that scrolling a bit down further will provide you with a list of payments covered under this option of pagos/ payments. Scroll at the end of this list and you will see a hyperlink that says ‘Haz un pago’, meaning make a payment. Simply click on this link.

5th step: Now, the page will ask if you are a customer of the bank. Remember, I told you that there is no need to be a customer? As I am not a customer, I will explain how to easily pay the TASA this way. Click on ‘Pagar ahora’ under the option ‘No soy cliente’, i.e. Pay now, I am not a customer.

How To Pay for TASA

6th step: Click on ‘Pagar con c贸digo de barras’, i.e. pay with the barcode that is present on your TASA form or any other payment or fee form.

How To Pay for TASA / Fee online instantly

7th step: Enter the barcode digits mentioned on your form. If you are paying a TASA, it would be mentioned on the top right corner of the TASA form. (shown in the screenshot below). A similar barcode can be found on the payment form if you are paying charges. E.g. maintenance charges for the annual water meter, etc.

Barcode to pay TASA

8th step: You just now need to follow the instructions to make the payment with your own bank card. And, that is ittt!!. You will also be able to download the payment receipt.

That’s actually it.. it is that simple!! You see, how simple and easssssy it was to pay your TASA online instead of visiting a bank physically. Hope this post helped you save some time and avoid hassles 馃槈

Did you know that you can also go to the ATM and pay the TASA by scanning the barcode? If you prefer visiting the ATM, I have mentioned the steps in a detailed way here to guide you.

If you need any help in filling out your TIE request form,聽click here.聽And, if you need a guide to fill C贸digo TASA 012 form, simply聽click here.

Hope it helped you聽馃檪

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Feel free to comment below to ask any questions or share your Spanish paperwork experience with us!!

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