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    With Christmas around the corner, about to start the dust operation, we’ll have to go thinking about the tricks to get rid of the kilos we’re going to take these days. In Spain the gyms do their August in January, when most of us are in charge of conscience and we intend to start playing sport within the list of purposes of the beginning of the year. However, reducing the waist is also possible without having to move from home with these exercises.

    The truth is that the hated michelines are not only antiesthetical, but they can also be a symptom of health problems. Thus, as explained by the Spanish Heart Foundation, people who have an excess of abdominal fat present a significant increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease and according to the Study of Nutrition and Cardiovascular Risk in Spain (ENRICA), are 32% of men and 40% of women who suffer from abdominal obesity, they are much more accumulated after menopause.

    In this sense, keeping the waist on your site is not only good to get into your pants without problem, but also to heal in health. The most visible fat, which we call floating or michelin, is the subcutaneous call and its response to the diet and exercise is optimal, contrary to what we might think. For every kilo we go down is lost approximately one inch, but it is also important to exercise the abdominal muscle wall in addition to burning calories.

    These 8 exercises are basic and simple, to perform on the floor of your living room only with the help of a mat, without having to reorganize the schedule looking for a hole because you can do them at any time. If you liked this posting and you would like to receive extra details with regards to kindly stop by our own web-site. They improve muscle mass and bone, focusing on burning abdominal fat to reduce the waist. It is important to remember the need to stretch before and after the series so that gymnastics is as effective as possible.

    1. Giros with the trunk
    One of the most basic exercises to start working the waist, perfect for beginners. You must stand up, with your legs open and your feet aligned with your shoulders. The hands are placed on the waist and the body is turned making a waist torsion to the right and left, alternating both. The back must be straight at all times to avoid injuries.

    2. Plancha
    It is one of the most complete exercises, based on contraction of the abdomen to work all the muscles of the body. You have to lie down on the mat, support your elbows to the height of your chest and shoulders. Once the posture is fixed, the belly is contracted to rise by supporting the elbows and feet, with the right back without bending the lumbar area to avoid getting hurt. It should take about 20 seconds first, rest and repeat about three times more.

    A woman makes an iron.

    3. Abdominal oblique
    Another of the best exercises to strengthen the waist by working the abdominal area. You have to sit on the mat and place the body in the form of a grape, supporting the area of the coxis and extending legs and arms. In this position, you begin to make waist torsions to the right and left while stretching and collecting the extremities. To give it greater intensity you can hold weight on your hands.

    4. Leg lift
    Another exercise that focuses the intensity in the abdominal area and is performed stretched over a mat, keeping the balance of the body while rising and lowering the legs without touching the floor.

    5. Circles with waist
    Standing, with the legs aligned with the shoulders, as in the spins of the trunk, the waist moves drawing circles to the right and left. The ideal thing, if you still keep a hoop hoop, is that you put on your favorite song and have a good time remembering old times.

    Xiaomi’s intelligent hoop. Xiaomi Omicrono

    6. The bike
    You don’t need to have a bicycle at home because this exercise is also done on the ground. We lie on your forearms and raise your legs at an angle of 45 degrees. In the indicated position we will start pedaling in 30 seconds. At the end we’ll rest and repeat about five times.

    7. Scales
    Supporting your hands on the floor, stretching your legs parallel to the mat as if we were to make the plate, with your back straight. With this placement we will begin to carry the knees to the chest alternately, one at a time and keep the pace for a minute.

    8. Burpees
    To end, we list another exercise of the most complete with which the abdomen is forcefully activated if correctly repeated for at least one minute. To start, we will position ourselves in squares with our hands on the flight and the head erect, making a vertical with the axis of the back. The legs are moved back with the feet together and a bending or chest bottom is made and it becomes the initial position. Now it’s time to get up from a leap and, if there’s still motivation, to finish a slap.

    A woman practicing burpees.

    In addition to putting these exercises into practice, reducing the waist also goes through a healthy diet in which the fiber, foods such as green tea for its antioxidants, and avoids fast food, precooked or industrial pastry. It is also advisable to avoid stress, not spend many hours in a row sitting and rest the time convenient.

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