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    Anyone who wants to gain muscle mass must above all perform intense training. The training plan to gain muscle mass very different from the classic training for muscle development (hypertrophy) or for toning.

    Training bases to gain muscle mass
    The program consists mainly of complex basic exercises that work the integration of large muscles, such as pectorals, back muscles and legs.

    However, the essential thing to achieve a mass increase is to progressively increase force.

    We show you what it entails and analyze in detail all the variables of a training plan for mass increase.

    Our goal: By communicating the theoretical bases of training, we want you to become aware of the special training to gain muscle mass.

    In addition, we give you the opportunity to select example plans for mass increase or the option to deconfigure your own training plan to gain muscle mass.

    Frequency of training
    To obtain quality muscle mass, just try to muscle it enough three times a week.

    Because of intense effort with high weights and to bring the body to the limit, it is advisable to include at least one day of pause between individual sessions.

    In principle it is possible to divide the training plan to gain muscle mass into a phased training according to the body parts or in a full body uncycle.

    For people who have just started training (with a maximum of 6 months of experience), the best thing is a full body training to gain muscle mass.

    In this type of training, basic exercises such as dead weight, row, bench press, military press and squats are performed.

    Due to the high frequency of these basic exercises, a large increase in force can be achieved in a very short time.

    Our advice: to optimize the training results, we recommend our free Body Check. Calculate your BMI and receive individualized training and feeding tips.

    Make your body check freeThe advanced athletes (with more than a year of experience) who decide to increase their muscle mass can also design their training plan as a program in stages.

    In this case, the classical division is in3 stages, with a back/biceps focus (day 1), pectoral/triceps (day 2) and legs (day 3).

    The training frequency at a glance:

    * 3 training sessions a week
    ♪ Complete body training plan for beginners
    ♪ Stage training for experts

    Days of pause are very important to ensure the growth of musculature,

    since the processes leading to it take place in the rest and regeneration phase and not when efforts are made.

    An intense training of additional stotally counterproductive resistance for increased muscle mass.

    High-intensity training burns many calories and makes mass increase enormously difficult. The resistance races long-foment the production of catabolic hormones (muscular reduction), so they are negative for the increase of mass.

    For all of this, we recommend that you have a maximum of resistance training per week in the training plan to gain muscle mass. The advantage that this entails is that nutrient transport can be accelerated within the musculature and thus the regeneration of the different muscles is encouraged.

    Resistance training should be done on one of the week’s pause days.

    The training breaks at a glance:

    ♪ Growth of muscles in the rest phase
    ♪ Training of dosed resistance to strengthen physical condition

    Tips for the training plan to gain muscle mass
    1. Carrying a training journal
    If you want to develop real quality muscle mass, we recommend that you take a training journal in which you clearly record the series made and the weights used.

    That way, you will be able to have the assurance that you increase strength and weight progressively.

    2. Additional sports nutrition
    Apart from a progressive strength training and a structured nutrition plan, it is also suitable for intelligent sports nutrition implantation in the training plan to gain muscle mass. In general, you can also determine your need for calories in the mass increase phases with calorie lacquering and adapt your diet.

    With the decreatine supplement you can improve speed and maximum strength values, which benefits athletes in complex basic exercises with a low number of repetitions. In addition, creatine can store water in the musculature, which has a very positive effect especially for the almacenamiento of glucogen inside the muscles.

    For the sufficient contribution of proteins for muscle growth purposes are ideal protein shakes, such as laprotein whey. Thanks to its excellent amino acid profile, this protein shake is ideal for the development and maintenance of long-term muscle mass.

    Are you interested in the advantages offered by protein shakes and would you like to know which are the most suitable for developing muscles effectively? Then don’t miss what’s here.

    Before training:

    Do you want to take your training to gain muscle mass to the next level? Then proper preparation is essential, because efficient training begins before sweating. The success of your training begins in your head and ends in your muscles.

    Energy for your trainingAfter training:

    If you train hard several times a week, it is very important that your muscles recover quickly.Only so you will have enough energy for your next training session. If your muscles are burning after training, we recommend ourRecovery Aminos. Quick recovery, like never before.

    Your recovery after training3. Count on a training partner
    It is highly advisable, especially for beginners, to have a training partner that can clarify in detail the correct execution of all elementary training techniques and to overcome a correct position when performing them, which minimizes the risks of injuries and maximizes the effectiveness of the different exercises.

    The lower phases are more easily overcome thanks to mutual lamotivation and the company to go to training.

    3. Duration of training
    Why is it recommended a short training of 45 to 60 minutes for mass increase?

    This has to do, among other things, with hormone secretion. If one trains more than 60 minutes at maximum intensity, our body releases a lot of catabolic hormones that encourage a reduction in muscle mass.

    Therefore, to encourage the secretion of anabolic hormones (increasing muscles), the duration of training should not exceed 60 minutes. This type of hormones favors increased muscle mass.

    And after the training? We recommend taking a protein shake. In this way, you can keep and continue to increase your muscles in the long term. How about, for example, our whey or 3k protein?

    Protein whey: the classic

    For: a fast nutrient supply
    Particularity: available very quickly
    When:ideal for after training

    Discover moreProtein 3k: the most versatile

    For: a fast and long-lasting supply of nutrients
    Particularity: an optimal combination of proteins
    When: Effect for after training at night

    Discover moreSelection of exercises
    Avoid insulation exercises too frequently training on machines.

    If you adored this short article and you would like to obtain additional details pertaining to mass gaining stacks kindly see the website. If you want to gain muscle mass, you should work with free weights; in your training plan to increase mass, you cannot lack basic grafts such as dead weight, bench press, squats and shoulder press.

    Thanks to the execution of complex sequences of movements, several muscle groups are working at the same time that are being strengthened in a controlled manner.

    In this way, you can specifically establish the necessary growth and work at the same time numerous muscle fibers.

    The selection of exercises at a glance:

    ♪ Free weights instead of insulation exercises
    ♪ Hincapié in basic exercises

    Here we also present other exercises to get you in shape that can be integrated smoothly into the training plan to gain muscle mass.

    Training volume and intensity
    For increased muscle mass, the most effective training is to do between 3 and 6 repetitions at maximum (maximum strength).

    However, the most important criterion of the training plan to gain muscle mass is progression (permanent weight gain).

    It can only be achieved a controlled jumble for mass increase, gains strength in each training and is increasingly working with greater weight.

    In terms of the volume of training, no more work series should be performed throughout the training.

    No doubt, less is more! Since the program to gain muscle mass consists mainly of complex basic grafts, it is sufficient to perform 3 to 4 exercises maximum per day of training.

    You may also be interested in which category you are in according to your weight. Discover it with our BMI table.


    The training motto to gain muscle mass is:

    less is more.

    The number of series per exercise should not be in any case greater than 5.

    Of course, to avoid injuries, it is important to prepare for the high intensity of the effort before each exercise with1 or 2 warming series.

    Volume and intensity of the training at a glance:

    * 1-2 warming series before each exercise
    * 3-4 exercises per training session
    * 3-6 repeats

    Time of pause
    To ensure complete regeneration between the maximum strength series, pauses must be made from 120 to 180 seconds.

    In pauses, one must continue active, take liquids and prepare mentally for the execution of the next series.

    The classic options in sports nutrition are, in addition to protein shake whey, different amino acids that encourage increased muscle mass.

    For example, amino acid L-glutamine is very popular, which is especially suitable for athletes of strength and resistance.

    Training plan recommendation to gain muscle mass
    In order to develop the perfect training plan to gain muscle mass, we recommend beginners a full-bodied training plan with a frequency of three times a week and that is based mainly on complex basic exercises.

    The most experienced athletes can share the three days of training in a phased program.

    For example, after the push, they can train the pull and legs and tighten different muscle groups in a controlled way. For this they are suitable for example our 3-stage training plan in 4-stage training, which includes a PDF to print.

    In addition, we give you the possibility to burn your own training plan to gain muscle mass with the help of a detailed description.

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