Auxiliar de conversación – The Ultimate Guide For Indians


Since I belong to the first batch of Indian auxiliaries, I feel responsible to simplify the entire process for fellow auxiliaries. Based on my experiences and knowledge, I have provided a detailed guide that covers specific information from the very first step of program (application), essentials to bring form India, etc., till the last (starting to teach). I have also included links from reliable sources to help you with this.

Spanish bureaucracy could get confusing for a novice and legal processes can be difficult without help. Keeping this in mind, the guide also includes all the sample forms (application of NIE/TIE, bank information), cost of living, and cultural difference.

Although this guide was written with the sole purpose of helping Indians, the steps and sample forms included could also be relevant to any first-timer irrespective of the country.


Hope you find a friend in this handy guide and it provides you with the necessary information

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